Karate Background

Doug Perry began his fighting career in 1946 as an amateur boxer in Charlotte, N.C. at age of nine. During his boxing career he participated in 147 bouts in the Golden Glove, AAU, and the marine corps. He won state, regional and national titles and officially retired from the ring in 1959 following the trials for the 1960 Olympics. At the age of 14, he had the distinction of fighting a four-round exhibition match against bantamweight champion of the world, Willie Pep.  

Hanshi Perry started his martial arts training in September 1956 at Parris Island. Since that time has had the opportunity to train under Hanshi Tatsuo Shimabuku in Ishshinryu Karate-Do at the old Agena dojo in Okinawa. He studied with Kyoshi Bill Hayes of Shobayashi Ryu, one of Hanshi Eizo Shimabukuro's senior students. This karate relationship and special friendship has lasted for over 30 years. While again stationed in Okinawa, Doug had the additional honor of interacting with Sensei Kanei Uechi of Uechi-ryu and Sensei Takemyoshi of an Old Okinawan Family System.

During the period 1974-75, again in Okinawa, he studied with Kyoshi Jiro Shiroma, a senior student of Hanshi Shugoro Nakazato. Since that time, he has been a student of Hanshi Nakazato. In 1997, Doug received the rank of Hachidan from Hanshi Nakazato and was appointed to represent the Shorinryu Shorinkan Kyokai in North America. Doug presently operates a small dojo in Hendersonville, N.C..

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Military Background

Doug Perry joined the Marine Corps as a private in June, 1956. He retired as a “Mustang” Major in 1981 after over 24 years of service to corps, country, and his fellow marines. He had a varied career in the Corps, serving over the years as Browning automatic rifleman (Barman), nuclear weapons intelligence/security NCO, special operations in Vietnam under the direct control of the Commanding General, III MAF LtGen. L.W. Walt, and as an infantry platoon Sergeant (1st. Vietnam tour)

Returning to the “World" in 1966, he was assigned to a tour of duty with the Joint Chief of Staff in the Pentagon. He received a commission to second Lieutenant and was ordered back to Vietnam in 1968. During this tour he served as a reconnaissance platoon commander “rough rider” convoy commander, platoon commander, “Echo Sector” commander, Quang Tri combat base and as a company commander. During this period, he was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in operations against the enemy.

Returning to the States in 1970, he was assigned to the 2nd. Marine Aircraft Wing. Upon promotion to Captain he was again assigned to the Western Pacific in 1974. While basically stationed on Okinawa, he never the less found the time to participate in operations and evacuations in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Major Perry finished his career as the Command Adjutant MCDEC Quantico, Va. And as usual, various other “collateral” assignments, including the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979-80. Major Perry’s “personal” decorations include: the meritorious service medal, joint service commendation medal, purple heart medal, navy commendation medal w/combat “V”, combat action ribbon, Vietnam honor medal, Vietnamese cross of gallantry, and good conduct medal. Additionally, he has earned many other combat and service related ribbons and medals.



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